Air Pollution

This Tuesday, Kolkata was officially the world’s worst polluted city. Sad state of affairs, but we will reap what we sow. Continuously trying to improve things – here’s an example.

Open air burning of trash is a common sight in the city – result of unawareness, laziness, etc. At a community level, bring awareness about it.

At a personal level, start using respirator masks. I use 3M Particulate Respirators – available online. Feel free to take from my stock at home. I retail from the best 3M distributor in the city.

Please help!

“Sad But True” ~ Metallica

Ode to Air

Air, air, it’s everywhere,
In your face and in your hair
It can be a gentle breeze,
It leaves your mouth when you sneeze,
It can be a strong gust,
It can carry debris or dust.
So when you feel air blow by,
Just remember to say “hi.”

Air, air, in the sky,
It can carry a plane or a fly,
Sweet air, cradle of life,
Protect it, without any strife.
You inhale it,
You exhale it,
If of air we were deprived,
None of us would have survived

Air, air it’s so great,
About that there is no debate,
You don’t have to be quiet,
Feel free to start a riot.
Let’s work on the solution,
To curb the air pollution,
And make sure no one protests,
That air needs our best.

~  2017 winning poem by fifth grader Ali Adhami of Madinah Academy of Madison

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