Swamiji Shri Ramsukhdasji Maharaj

The prime objective of his life was to stay away from personal propaganda and spread the divine messages ofGita only for the welfare of the people. Therefore he entirely stayed away from tasks such as being photographed, getting his feet touched, making disciples, accepting gifts or donations, accumulating money or things etc., building ashrams (monasteries), making cults etc., and in this way neither did he establish any personal relationship with any person, organization, cult, monastery etc., nor did he appoint anyone as his disciple, propagator, or successor. Sustaining his life merely through alms, he remained engaged in selflessly benefiting the society through his mind, body, and speech throughout his life.

His sole aim was to find out how mankind can be benefited (liberated) in the least possible time and through the easiest possible method, and throughout his life he kept searching for this one answer. In this context he discovered many revolutionary, novel, and remarkable methods and spread them across the masses through his discourses and articles. Without insisting upon any opinion, argument, cult etc., he propagated only that which was his own experience. He explained the deep, complicated and the most eminent subjects of the spiritual path to the common man in an extremely simple manner, so that an average literate man too can easily understand them and can apply them in his life.

Completely rid of attachment, idol of renunciation, Revered Swamiji Maharaj had especially instructed that no one may write his biography. Therefore, this short introduction has been written only so that more and more people can become acquainted with this great saint and thereby uplift themselves and benefit from his discourses.



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