Young Volunteer’s Organization

Today, a bunch of us in Kolkata joined the Young Volunteer’s Organization

It is right now a group of over 800 Indians, who contribute a minimum of Rs. 306 per MONTH, every month.

The collective fund, which is currently over Rs. 2.5 Lakhs every month, is used for supporting life changing causes that make those in need stand on their feet. Causes like financial independence of disabled people, vocational training for women, education of tribal and slum children, etc.

Key Points:
1. ZERO ADMIN COST – Entire Rs.300 used for the cause. (Additional payment gateway fee of Rs.6 unavoidable).
2. ‎ ZERO CORPUS – Bank Balance at end of each month is ZERO. Whatever is collected is donated.
3. 100% Transparency – All proofs of donations uploaded on YVO website and shared on monthly WhatsApp and email. (Quotations, Purchase Invoices, Bank Statements, everything).
4. ‎A new initiative taken up every month.

YVO Track Record so far:
1. Started in 2015, 33 successful donations done.
2. Rs.47+ Lakhs collected and donated.
3. Several thousand lives impacted

Its the most inexpensive and trustworthy way to make a collective positive difference in this world. To start donating with us, please contact with your office address and our person will come with the form, which needs to be signed.

Sant Kabir Ji Story – Sin Of Donation

Once upon a time a beggar came to Sant Kabir Ji and asked for some food. The beggar was hungry for a long time. Then Sant Kabir ji was knitting clothes. Sant Kabir Ji told the beggar that he didn’t had anything to eat at this time. And neither is the money. Then Kabir Ji gave this beggar a wool sphere and said, ”This time I have this. Sell ​​it and eat something.”

The beggar went away. There was a pool on the way, There were a lot of fishes in the lake. The beggar made a net of that wool and threw the net of wool into the pond to catch the fishes. Because it was a thread of saint Kabir ji, That’s why many fishes came in that trap. The beggar caught the fishes all day. In the evening, he sold all the fishes.

That beggars do the same everyday He slowly got many traps. And in a few years he became a very rich man.

One day the beggar thought that Sant Kabir should be seen. Beggar had gold and silver and good clothes and offered the same to Sant Kabir Ji.

Kabir ji did not recognize him at first. But when the beggar told everything. So Kabir jested very much and told the beggar that whatever fish you have killed, I will take half of all the sin. Because if I do not even give you that thread, then you do not catch fish. Kabir ji gave all his stuff and gave a sermon to do good work.

We should also give thought to donate because if our donation is utilized in a wrong way, then we will have to bear the consequences too.

सुभाषित & Quotes

पूत सपूत तो क्यों धन संचय पूत कपूत तो क्यों धन संचय

Poot Sapoot To Kyon Dhan Sanchay Poot Kapoot To Kyon Dhan Sanchay

If your son is able, why save money for his future, and if he is an idiot, why save money for his future. This essentially means that if your son is an ideal son, you need not save money for he will fend for himself, and on the contrary, if your son is an idiot, why save money when you know he is going to waste it all.

“You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.” – Winston Churchill


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